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3 Fun Coding Games

The best way to learn a new skill is to have fun doing it. While coding can seem like an intimidating concept, there are tons of coding games for kids that make the process fun and engaging. These three great games will help you build foundational coding skills in a playful way!

Blockly Games is the next generation of programming game. It contains several games that teaches programming in a fun, interactive style. By the end of these games, one is ready to use conventional text-based languages.

CodinGame is a world-class challenge-based training platform for programmers. You will learn to code in the most playful way, with fun exercises and an inspiring community.

Robozzle is a puzzle game where you control small mobile robots to solve complex mazes. It is quite easy to start playing, but you quickly have to make important decisions as you play and work on solving the puzzles. This leads to an addictive experience, which will keep you playing for hours!

At Kids Innovative, we play fun coding games in class for an immersive experience for students. Check out our programs to sign up.

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