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Why Kids Innovative?

At Kids Innovative, we believe in fostering the curiosity of a young mind – taking a chance in the next bold genius who will be a force to be reckoned with. Our programs coach young leaders in a way that empowers them to create innovative projects. Students can learn to code creatively after school or sign up for a virtual class.

How we operate

Whether you want to sign up for an after-school activity, or the online platform, we have designed programs that adapt to different aspects of the learning, including their age, experience, and interest. The courses have been developed and curated by a team of skilled engineers, and teachers with a passion to deliver experiential learning.

What we do

In addition to learning various STEAM elements - like flow charts, Boolean logic, and circuit principles - the courses also emphasize the importance of creative thinking. We challenge students to develop practical devices, and to face design challenges head-on while learning how to problem-solve through discoveries. Our programs can be found in our online platform, local schools, art centres, and in business offices.


One of the platforms used to program is micro:bit. Companies like BBC, Microsoft, Samsung, CISCO and many influential companies came together to create the hardware and software of the "micro: bit" which is a microcomputer to make programming and circuitry accessible to students. They will learn to program their own software through the micro: bit, while integrating software and hardware to create practical devices such as digital pianos and smart cars. Schools worldwide have introduced micro: bit as part of the STEAM syllabus since 2017, with students from these schools using micro: bit to achieve outstanding results in major hardware application competitions.


ScratchJr – a global inspiration – is another platform integrated into our programs. The visual program allows people to get creative, communicate their ideas, and bring satisfaction in their innovation. ScratchJr’s program language uses block coding- an intuitive interface- to build fun projects such as programming animations to move, jump, dance, and sing. The possibilities are endless.

Why Coding?

The challenges we face are complex that require unique solutions, and your child has an innate ability to come up with creative ideas. Learning to program empowers kids to understand important principles of innovation. Computer and technological jobs are growing at a rapid rate all around the world. Coding enables an in-depth understanding on how to integrate technology as a tool to participate in areas of social change, economic development, cultural connection, and environmental impact.

What is coding?

It’s essential to understand that anyone can learn to code. Skills of coding can create cool websites, fun apps, create important data, and so much more. Basically, coding is a set of instructions for the computer to perform. Coding is also a language, which has its own kind of differentiated languages. It’s one of the most debated topics among programmers of which language is better.

“Hello, world” was the simple illustration of a test message – famously known from Brian Kergighan and Dennis Ritchie’s text, presented their ongoing effort from the C Programming Language. Today, you can code “Hello, world” in other languages. In fact, here are 28 different examples that are commonly used.

We truly believe coding today can prepare the future generations to create for tomorrow. The question becomes how do you see the young generation use coding to make an impact in the world?

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