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Scratch E-book - $9 when you take our class!

Scratch E-book - $9 when you take our class!


Our mission is to prepare future leaders by building lifelong learners.

At Kids Innovative, we believe in fostering the curiosity of a young mind, taking a chance in the next bold genius who will be a force to be reckoned with. Our programs empower young leaders to create innovative projects rewarding their positive spirit. 


We're a Startup founded in 2019 driven to engage students, parents, educators, and businesses to create projects that inspire the community to code.  

Nadia, Student

I like to play games and Kids Innovative showed me how I can make my own game. I got a microbit and made so many cool things!! I was bored at home and then the classes made it a lot of fun because we were all inside the house from the covid. Thank you Kids Innovative so much for teaching me!

Denise, Parent

Thank you so much for providing this awesome learning opportunity to children while we are under these strange lockdown times. As a parent trying to engage and motivate a child while putting in a day's work from home, I am truly grateful for the programs that you offer! I wanted to let you know that Marcus thoroughly enjoyed your class; he has been participating in some other online workshops with various organizations and he said that your workshop was the "most fun"! He loved it!  

Jenny, Past Student

I had so much fun coding my music on the computer then made an actual piano. I learned a lot and can't wait to sign up for the next level because of the competition and I really want to win.

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