Schools in British Columbia will be open as of June 1st, on a voluntary, part-time basis. A recent report revealed that the B.C. education minister is implementing a back to school plan that will phase students back in safely, following certain restrictions and protocols. While some parents feel comfortable sending their kids back into school until the end of the term on a voluntary basis, there are some who feel conflicted. The past few months have been anything but easy for families, but it’s important to note there are options available when transitioning.

There’s no doubt the globe has faced unprecedented challenges due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The impact on mental and emotional support is important to provide to parents and their kids from the changing structure of our world. While there were warnings, there wasn’t really a “how to” book for this type of situation and many were not prepared; nevertheless, the collective’s population to have all hands-on deck shows that we are all doing our best with the cards we have been given. From the 7 o’clock appreciation shoutouts to essential items donations to the closures of public gatherings. However, this has placed parents in a tough spot who had to juggle their work situations, whether that be creating a remote workplace from home, or going into work if they are considered essential workers on the frontlines. Truly, some students have been thriving in online education, although many parents are apprehensive about the pandemic's negative impact on their child's education, mental health, and how physically active and busy they are staying each day. Teachers, educators, and businesses are working tirelessly to develop remote learning plans to keep their students on track, while giving them a stable feeling of normalcy with respect to their education. The organizational challenges faced at home are new territory, an added pressure to manage without faltering. Students are adjusting to new circumstances, and likely experiencing a shift in behaviour as a result. 

Being a parent is a full-time job, they mustn’t be burdened with the responsibility of filling their children's daily educational tasks. With so many options available in the digital era, there must be plenty of online resources to offer enjoyable and educational material for children to implement and supplement their schedules.  

Where can parents and students find online educational programs? 

Luckily, online companies like Startup Kids Innovative offer digital education programs that will not only prepare your child for their future, although also give them fun activities to do that will better their skills and allow a creative outlet. The programs will ensure your child is gaining credible and quality information to use as an asset in their future, relieving some of the weight parents are currently shouldering. As challenging as these last few months have been, it’s completely plausible that some student’s careers could actually improve from the interruption in traditional schooling and allow them to participate in programs like Kids Innovative programs. What better time to try something new that will have a long-term benefit for your child? With an increase in uncertainties still ahead of us, why not use that to harness new skills and keep kids minds sharp with tools such as programming. 

Times have changed; our resources, ways of learning, processes, and the general day-to-day activities will continue to evolve as we go from volatility to recovery. Among historical moments, this is a great opportunity to learn coding as a way to stay ahead and prepare for unique challenges in the future. The ambiguities remain, although parents can help ease the anxiety and stress that may be felt by children right now by providing consistency in their routine such as an online program.

"As unknown as the future may be, requiring technical skills like coding in the job market is still an absolute certainty."

As unknown as the future may be, requiring technical skills like coding in the job market is still an absolute certainty. The successful entrepreneur, Bill Gates, founder of the world’s largest software business, Microsoft, and Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, both learned coding with private tutors when they were in middle school. Educators like Kids Innovative are offering interactive online programming to provide opportunities for future leaders to use their time wisely. The programs not only provide the tools necessary but also alleviates some of the responsibility on parents during these times. 

How can parents still sign-up for extracurricular programs and activities?

With the recent news of schools in BC reopening amid the pandemic, regardless of the external circumstances, having a consistent fun activity that provides structure, is yet to remain important for children. As we adjust to our new normal, whatever that may look like in the next day, week, or month, we need to set expectations and apply goals for the near future.

Life may be slowly getting back to usual, but it will take a considerably longer time before we have access to everything as we once did. Kids Innovative wants to provide families with a positive energy and to provide a space for a student that can feel comfortable in and to connect with. They’re here to support parents in the decisions they make regarding their education for their children and to help during this transition. It seems to be a common notion that although many of us have been waiting impatiently for ‘phase 2’ to be implemented, however now it may feel as though we need more time to prepare for it.

For those who still feel anxious about sending kids back to school or returning to an in-person after-school activities, we are here to assist in the at home experience of education. For those who would like to send their children to an after-school and summer camps, Kids Innovative will also be providing these in person, for your convenience. Whatever your level of comfort may be, we have options that are compatible. 

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Updated: May 12

As a student, I am constantly learning and find myself gravitating towards subjects that are interesting, and more importantly, striving towards a career path relevant to my passions. It is noteworthy to acknowledge that developing certain skills and tools is necessary to do good work, and coding is no exception. As recent research puts coding at the forefront of our future careers, how do we begin to pass this knowledge to young minds, and why is it critical for them to start at an early age? 

 Here are five (of many) reasons why your child should begin to learn programming:

1. Provides Opportunity for All Ages 

In today’s digital age, kids grow up learning how to unlock phones, watch videos, and play games on devices before they can even begin to walk. Their ability to understand and use technology is astoundingly ingrained in them from early developmental stages and increases further as they mature. Consequently, learning to code at a young age will prepare them for the future, and allow the extent of their programming skills to develop as their brain does. If children are being taught math, science, and English in school to ensure their ability to communicate and problem solve, implementing programming into their education should be essential, as technology plays a vital role in much of what we do on a daily basis.

2. Fosters Creative Expression

Programming is not just for those interested in becoming scientists or tech wizards. It truly is an enhanced learning opportunity that will benefit kids across all interests. What was once thought of  as simply computational and somewhat boring process, has now become an exciting and attainable skill in this digital era. Programming allows the young minds’ innate ability to express their creativity by literally building something out of scratch, which is a similar strategy in common activities like baking or drawing. With that in mind, coding doesn’t have to share the same limiting factors requiring certain ingredients or having necessary colours available. Their only limitation is their imagination.

3. Controls Online Usage

With social media being a popular and integral piece of the population’s online usage, coding can teach people at a very young age to become creators instead of consumers. A recent report states that most of our online time is spent browsing on social media. If our children were to understand the basic concepts of an application that create the content, and the fundamentals behind how they work, this would demystify the technical process, thereby making them active opposed to passive users. By looking at programming as a valuable tool, we can ensure children are learning proper digital hygiene; the process of intentional technology use.

4. In Demand 

Given the current state of the world, coding will surely be necessary in the workforce moving forward. This skill will give young people confidence when applying for jobs, and an advantage over competing applicants. In addition to being prepared for potential jobs, programming also qualifies users for higher income opportunities. In fact, Burning Glass reports that half of the jobs under the top income quartile require coding skills. As the future of the economy is uncertain, a recession following this global pandemic is unavoidable. By shifting into a maker movement instead of a consumer economy, those who learn to code can respond to this new reality, fully equipped, and ready to face any challenge in the competitive market. 

5. Fundamentals for the Future

Regardless of the field your child decides to pursue in the future, it’s no doubt that having a strong basis and knowledge of programming will teach them invaluable skills applicable to any job opportunity. In this constantly evolving technological economy, educators believe learning how to code will soon become as important as learning the alphabet. By providing coding programs for beginners, they will have the advantage of being exposed to the basic concepts and essential terminology.  This seamless integration will allow them to stay ahead of the curve and expand that foundation as the years progress. 

Essentially, once you learn to program, you see the world in a different way. Think of coding as another tool in your child’s fundamental toolkit, placed alongside shapes, colours, numbers, and the alphabet. Kids Innovative offers online coding programs for beginners, inspiring them to be savvy digital citizens.

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